Hard on issues, soft on people.


My name is Shawnee Badger and I’m running to be a delegate to the California Democratic Party, representing the 38th Assembly District!

  • Woman

  • Progressive Democrat

  • Pig Enthusiast

  • Revolutionary

  • Vegan

  • Union Member

  • Democratic Socialist

  • Activist


  • Healthcare as a human right

  • Housing as a human right

  • Immigration, migration, and asylum are human rights: Abolish ICE, recognize and defend the rights of immigrant communities, a path to citizenship must be made a reality, no human being is illegal,

  • Green New Deal

  • No more wars

  • F— gun violence, NOT ONE MORE

  • Supporter and ally to Black Lives Matter

  • Supporter and ally to American Indian Movement

  • Supporter and ally to Centro CSO

  • LGBTQ+ rights

  • Women’s rights

  • Tuition-free, debt-free public colleges and universities

  • I stand with public school teachers and public education

    And so many more important progressive issues and organizations!